10 free tools to work more efficiently every day

Discover a selection of tools to facilitate your daily work.

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1. Concept: centralize your notes, tasks, files, etc.

To avoid navigating too many tools and wasting time, you can rely on Notion, a collaborative platform with a very intuitive interface, which allows you to centralize your notes (private or shared), your documents, your tasks and projects. but also tables from your databases. It is also possible to create “wikis” for common information (HR documents, contact details, etc.). The free version limits collaboration (up to 5 guests) but allows you to access most of the features.

2. Trello: easily manage your projects and daily tasks

Are you looking for a tool to manage your tasks quickly and easily? Discover Trello, an essential project management tool that facilitates your daily work, thanks to these boards, inspired by the agile Kanban method. You can create cards that match your tasks, and move them easily with a simple drag & drop. If you work in a team, you have the option of assigning tasks to other members. A free version is available and allows you to create up to 10 boards (projects) for an unlimited number of users.

3. Calendly: easily schedule multiple meetings

Finding the right niche for a group event is sometimes a real challenge, whether for personal or professional life. Calendly helps you plan all types of appointments: individual or collective meeting, round robin (automatic distribution of appointments according to employee availability), online seminars or training courses. After a 14 day trial period with all premium features, Calendly allows you to continue using the tool for free and schedule an unlimited number of meetings.

4. Swiss Transfer: transfer large files (up to 50 GB)

Swiss Transfer is a completely free and secure Swiss tool that allows you to transfer up to 50 GB of files for a single sending, unlike WeTransfer which limits the sending of files to 2 GB, under its free version. No registration is necessary, you can transfer several files at the same time, then send them by email or share them via a dedicated link. You can set a validity period for the link (from 1 to 30 days) as well as a number of authorized downloads (from 1 to 200). Files are end-to-end encrypted, and you have the option to set a password to protect access to your sent documents.

5. Zapier: connect your applications and automate certain tasks

Who says “recurring tasks”, says “time-consuming tasks”. Why not automate them? Zapier is the essential tool for automating actions that you perform on a daily basis on your favorite applications. You can set up automated actions among more than 2000 applications, without needing to know how to code. For example, you can request that your email attachments be automatically uploaded to your Dropbox account. The free version gives you the ability to automate up to 100 tasks per month.

6. Pocket: save the content that interests you on the web

Pocket is the tool you need to save the content that is important to you: articles, videos, stories… Note: Pocket is integrated into more than 500 applications such as Twitter, Flipboard, Feedly… and also works by extension on web browsers. It’s your online library, with everything you want to “keep away”. All your content is saved and centralized in a single space, and can be classified as you wish. Good news, you can use it from any device. The free version allows you to save, play and listen to an unlimited amount of content.

7. Talkwalker Alerts: set up alerts on your topics

As the name suggests, this free tool is developed by Talkwalker, an expert in monitoring and analysis of the web and social networks. The service offers tracking of all mentions of your brand on a single platform (sites, blogs, forums, websites, social networks…), you can receive mentions directly through your inbox. Compared to Google Alerts, Talkwalker Alerts has the advantage of having filtering options for each source of results. The tool also offers real precision of the results thanks to the use of Boolean operators.

8. Shar.ec: record your screen to share it later with your team

Need to train a new employee or present a new product? Why not create a video for the occasion? Discover Shar.ec, a free, easy-to-use online tool that allows you to record your screen only or to record your screen with your webcam in addition. Recordings are end-to-end encrypted, available for 1 week, and the maximum recording time is 5 minutes. Once your recording is done, you can share it with other members of your team, via a simple dedicated link.

9. Emoji Keyboard: use emojis in one click with this extension

This free extension allows you to select and copy and paste emojis for your publications on social networks or any other written document (articles, emails…). You can easily find the emoji you want by typing keywords into the search bar provided. Another handy feature: Your recently used emojis are highlighted so you can find them easily. Emojis are constantly updated to comply with current Unicode standards. The extension is available on the following browsers: Chrome and Opera.

10. Focus To-Do: test the Pomodoro method to better manage your time

Do you know the Pomodoro method? It is a time management technique, based on a timer, allowing to set up sessions of 25 minutes of work, with short breaks of 5 minutes between each. The goal: to make you more focused and therefore more productive. Focus To-Do is an application that combines a Pomodoro timer (you can set the duration of your sessions yourself), and a task manager to efficiently organize your day. This application is available in French on all media: mobile, tablet, desktop…

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