12.99 euros for true wireless headphones? Xiaomi in-ears in the deal

Xiaomi Mi Basic 2 at a glance

There are quite a few inexpensive true wireless headphones on the market that surprisingly did not do that badly in the test, but a price of 12.99 euros tops everything again. The fact that the in ears come from Xiaomi makes you sit up and take notice, because the manufacturer is known for good quality at a fair price.

Our assessment:

We did not have the Xiaomi Mi Basic 2 in the test, so we can only give a rough estimate. At a price of 12.99 euros, however, you shouldn’t expect a particularly good sound. The battery life of only 4 hours or 12 hours with the charging case does not speak for a top performance either. However, if you only need wireless headphones in between, for example for audio books, radio, etc., then you won’t go wrong here. The reproduction of voices in particular is usually unproblematic, as it depends primarily on good intelligibility – and pretty much every headphone offers that.

The Xiaomi Mi Basic 2 in the price comparison

In order to be able to compare the price transparently with other shops, you can see the most exciting offers from the competition in the following list. If you are not sure whether the Xiaomi Mi Basic 2 are the right headphones for you, we also offer you an easy-to-use advisor who will show you suitable in-ear headphones based on a few questions.

Below you will also find an excerpt from the in-ear best list – so you can compare the Sony model with devices from other manufacturers at a glance.

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