12-year-old makes $ 400,000 in 2 months selling Whale NFT

That weird whale NFT whale (3,318) alone is worth a few thousand dollars. (Screenshot: Open Sea / Weird Whales)

Twelve-year-old Brit Benyamin Ahmed got richer by around 400,000 US dollars in just two months – thanks to the self-created Whale NFT collection Weird Whales.

They have been around for a long time: Non-Fungible-Token (NFT). These are unique, non-exchangeable tokens that represent rare digital collectibles or works of art and ensure their uniqueness. But only in the past few months has it been a real hype about NFT educated. The Cryptopunks, thousands of pixel portraits, some of which were created for six-figure sums are traded. A young programmer from Great Britain is now benefiting from the run on NFT assets of all kinds.

Benyamin Ahmed: First NFT attempt unsuccessful

The now twelve-year-old Briton Benyamin Ahmed claims to have started programming at the age of five – under the guidance of his father Imram, who works as a web developer for financial service providers. Then, earlier this year, Ahmed found out about NFT and was fascinated by the way he was CNBC Make It stated. So the young programmer decided to create his own crypto works of art. His first collection, Minecraft Yee Haa, for which Ahmed was inspired by Minecraft, was initially unsuccessful.

He finally achieved great success with his second NFT collection, Weird Whales. The pictures are small whales with a pixel look. The template came from a stock image database. Ahmed programmed a total of 3,350 pixel whales as NFT. Cost: $ 300, most of which was spent on NFT creation fees. He was supported by a developer of the NFT collection Boring Bananas, who provided him with a kind of template for NFT development, such as Decrypt writes.

Tween makes hundreds of thousands with pixel whales

Not least thanks to the ongoing exchange with the team behind Boring Bananas, the Weird Whales went viral. Within a few hours, all of the NFTs in the collection were sold – and Ahmed was $ 160,000 richer. But that’s not all. On the one hand, the rise in the price of Ethereum (ETH) ensured that Ahmed’s assets held in ETH continued to grow. In addition, the programmer receives for every resale of his digital works of art on the Opensea platform a share of 2.5 percent. Ahmed expects to own $ 400,000 worth of ETH by the end of August.

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