$ 1500 extra bonus for Microsoft employees

Accomplice in the first place strong business growth related to cloud of Azure, the crates of Microsoft I’m in great shape. Also for this reason the company has decided to assign a $ 1,500 extra bonus to their own employees. An extraordinary one-off contribution, in recognition of the unique and challenging fiscal year that has just ended. This was reported by the editorial staff of The Verge website, after having viewed a document circulated internally.

A nice surprise for Microsoft employees

Spreading the good news among collaborators was Kathleen Hogan (Chief People Officer & EVP, Human Resources). All 175,508 members of the internationally distributed teams attributable to the Redmond group will benefit from it, with the exception of those under LinkedIn, GitHub and ZeniMax Media, part of the workforce following the acquisitions completed in recent years. The expense for the company’s coffers will amount to approx 200 million dollars or a little more, equivalent to what accrued in a couple of days of income.

Microsoft has shown itself capable of coming out with its head held high from the not simple year characterized by the pandemic, playing a leading role in the field of solutions dedicated to smart working (with productivity and online education tools such as Teams e 365), then looking beyond the difficulties of this period and elaborating one its formula for what is defined Hybrid Work, a mode designed to combine and support remote and face-to-face work.

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