3 good reasons to start preparing for Christmas now


The summer sun is still burning, but Christmas – and thus the time of the year with the highest turnover – is definitely coming! Read here how you can optimally prepare for the last quarter of 2021 and find new customers with Discovery Commerce. Or you.

The times are summery and when you consider how the pandemic has caused restrictions in recent months, people have really earned a little warmth, sun and holidays by the sea. The thought of cold, winter and Christmas is understandably difficult. As an online shop operator: you should still allow him in and make good use of your time. Because if you go into the time of the year with the highest sales with sense and understanding and a smart advertising strategy, you will get the most out of yourself and your sales figures in the end.

And this is particularly worthwhile this year, because the signs are good that the Christmas business in 2021 will be exceptionally strong. What speaks for it?

1. Last Christmas: Christmas 2020 was kind of bad

And that was – how could it be otherwise – of course due to the Corona situation. Germany and many other countries were in (partial) lockdowns during the last quarter of 2020. There was great uncertainty – both in terms of the personal situation (“Can we even see each other as a family at Christmas?”) And the financial one (“How will we continue professionally? Is the economy recovering?”). It should come as no surprise that in times like these consumption and material gifts were in second place.

Your customers will find your offer wherever they like to be. (Photo: Shutterstock / fizkes)

2. Is it over yet? Der Post-Corona-Optimismus

The pandemic is not finally over, but the number of infections is low, the number of people vaccinated is increasing and most of the restrictions of the last few months have been relaxed. This not only affects the personal mood of many people, but also an increased willingness to buy.

In fact, the mood among consumers has not been as positive since 2005 as it is now, says the Consumer Confidence Index firmly. People have gone through a lot, a time of severe restrictions behind them, and now that the situation has stabilized and relaxed, they are all the more motivated to treat themselves and give friends and family rich presents.

Anyone who can now reach their potential customers and address them appropriately can benefit from it. The instruments for this are offered, for example Discovery Commerce.

3. Let it find you: There’s Discovery Commerce from Facebook

If there is one area that has been positively impacted by the retail shutdown that accompanied the pandemic, it is e-commerce. According to a study by Adobe Digital Insights, 32 percent more online purchases were made in the Corona year 2020 than in the previous year. And it doesn’t look like this trend is going down at the moment. On the contrary: around half of those surveyed stated that they would like to shop even more online in the future.

The enormous growth in online shopping has also led to changes in usage habits. For example, mobile devices are becoming increasingly important; for 49 percent of Germans, smartphones or tablets are already the most important shopping tool. People shop less planned and much more often spontaneously – especially when they make a discovery online. Discovery Commerce is the magic word in which your customers no longer have to actively search for products, but your articles find their interested parties almost by themselves.

An example of how Discovery Commerce works: Marie is enthusiastic about environmental protection and sustainability. She has set herself the goal of making her everyday life more climate-friendly, piece by piece. To do this, she joined several Facebook groups to exchange ideas with like-minded people. It follows info pages for practical tips and “Sinnfluencer” profiles Instagram.

If she now sees an advertisement matching her area of ​​interest between the Instagram stories of her friends, for example from a startup that offers biodegradable cleaning agents in reusable glass bottles, the chances are good that Marie will stop by the shop – and maybe even strike .

And that, although when she opened Instagram she had absolutely no intention of looking for a new cleaning product, let alone buying one. Interest grows with the discovery.

Mobile is becoming more and more important as a shopping channel. (Image: Facebook)

With Discovery Commerce for the best-selling Christmas business of all time

It’s not just Marie like that. 76 percent of the Christmas shoppers surveyed in the Facebook Seasonal Holidays Study stated that they had spontaneously discovered something in the past year while browsing the Internet. At the same time, 52 percent of German shoppers are happy when they discover items that they have not specifically searched for.

Discovery Commerce doesn’t just work for your own needs. 67 percent of Christmas shoppers who discovered products on Facebook said they found a gift for someone while surfing. This is particularly interesting in view of the fact that 40 percent of the respondents say at the same time that it is difficult for them to find the right gift for others. And of course, it makes Discovery Commerce extra interesting for the 2021 Christmas business.

Want to dig deeper and better understand how people shop for the Christmas season? Then click through the interactive reports from Facebook for Business and get to know your target group better.

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