3 starts into space within 4 days

Chinese Long March missiles. (Photo: testing / Shutterstock)

It is not just the rockets that the Chinese space agency is launching into space that are reaching a high speed. The intervals between the individual starts are also getting shorter and shorter.

It’s a return to old patterns: Before the start of the corona pandemic, China was well on its way to launching a multitude of space missions in a short period of time. Now accelerate again at the speed of the starts. As reported by several Chinese sources, the East Asian country successfully completed three orbit launches within four days. The last launch took place on Tuesday, July 6th, from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center in the southwest of the People’s Republic.

China itself announces its space launches only slightly, and if so only through state-supported media. The last launch on Tuesday was reports from According to SpaceNews that of a Long March 3C rocket carrying a Tianlian data tracking and communications satellite that was launched into orbit. The Tianlian satellite series is used by China’s astronauts for communication on the Tiangong space station.

3 satellites, 3 missions

The day before, China sent Fengyun 3E, a new meteorological satellite, into space from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in northwest China. Fengyun 3E aims to improve weather forecasting by monitoring humidity and temperature. The satellite can also monitor the temperature of the sea surface, the snow cover of the mountains and natural disasters. The successful launch of the satellite has been confirmed by the Chinese media company CCTV. The third launch took place on July 2 and was due to a Long March 2D rocket that launched the Earth observation satellite Jilin-1 Wideband-01B into sun-synchronous orbit.

The recent space activities of China are closely examined by NASA, as the increased presence of the country in space also a Security risk could represent. Last also landed one chinese rover on mars.

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