3800 PS4 for an illegal mining farm in Ukraine

When the authorities raided a warehouse in Vinnytsia, a city of 370,000 inhabitants geographically located in theUkraine central, they were faced with a real one mining farm illegal. It had been set up inside a structure previously controlled by JSC Vinnytsiaoblenergo, a company active in the supply of energy, a location certainly not chosen randomly.

Ukraine: maxi-kidnapping in illegal mining farm

Those in charge have stolen electricity for an estimated value between 186,000 and 259,000 dollars, in order to power the equipment that is switched on 24/7 and thus generate a profit through cryptovalute.

According to what was announced by SBU (the Ukrainian police) in an official statement, they were 3,800 PlayStation 4 seized intended for mining, in addition to 500 video cards and other hardware or devices such as laptops, processors, smartphones, and storage drives.

Some estimates consider Sony’s PlayStation 4 not very suitable for mining, considering its computing capabilities not exactly of the latest generation: it integrates a custom GPU from AMD with a few years on its shoulders. By calling into question Bitcoin, it is believed that a single console can generate 0.00013896 BTC or $ 4.65 according to the current exchange rate. In short, a loss-making operation, unless you have to bear any electricity costs.

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