4G and 5G mapping: consultation of operators

Similarly to the provisions of the fixed networks, a notice was published on the sites of Infratel Italia and the Ultra Broadband Plan relating to the updating of the mapping of mobile networks, as required by current legislation. Operators will have to communicate their plans by July 26, 2021. The goal is to verify 4G and 5G coverage, as well as to know the planned interventions for the next five years (2021-2026). Mapping 4G and 5G networks: open for consultation The updating of the mapping of the coverage of the national territory with mobile networks in 4G and 5G technology is carried out on the basis of paragraphs 51, 63 and 78 of the “Guidelines of the European Union relating to application of the rules on state aid in relation to the rapid development of broadband networks ”published by the European Commission. The mapping will be carried out taking into account the guidelines published in March 2020 by the Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications (BEREC). Operators must indicate the current coverage (as of May 31, 2021) and those planned for the next five years , considering the coverage obligations associated with the rights of use of the frequencies used. Infratel Italia will check the declarations of the operators to verify any negative impacts on competition and will send any reports to the competent authorities. The notice also includes some technical details: The mapping will be carried out on the basis of a geographical grid of 100 × 100 meters, representative of the Italian territory (for about 30 million pixels). In correspondence with each pixel that constitutes the portion of the territory, operators are asked to fill in the fields relating to the coverage attributes. In implementation of the “Italian strategy for ultra-broadband”, approved on 25 May 2021, on the basis of the results of the 2021 mapping, new public interventions provided for in the “Italy 5G” Plan may be planned.

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