5 payments never to be made in cash

As in the rest of the world, also in Italy cash payment is gradually disappearing. Despite this, there are still many people who use traditional banknotes and coins for money transactions.

However, it must be said that there are certain contexts in which, at present, it is impossible (if not forbidden) to pay in cash. In fact, recently, in our country, the use of money for transactions of a value equal to or greater than 2.000 euro. Not only that: this figure is set to drop to 1,000 euros from 2023.

In other cases, as we will see below, paying in cash may simply be less advantageous. On these occasions, therefore, have one at hand prepaid card can help you save money and / or make the transaction quicker and easier.

Never cash: when paper and digital are better than banknotes

Among the payments never to be made in cash there are undoubtedly medical expenses. In fact, with a digital payment, it is possible to obtain a deduction of 19% on some of them.

Even at the level of renovationsby avoiding cash you can have access to deductions. While these are variable, they are a great incentive to adopt electronic payments.

Similar speech in case of purchase of furniture oh you domestic appliances, with bonuses and other benefits. The latter, with the presence of a digital receipt, can be managed better from the point of view of any guarantees or replacements.

Also rents they allow, through these payments, to be able to trace the monthly payments without fear of losing a receipt and of giving rise to disputes.

So which prepaid card to choose? In this sector, HYPE has carved out an important role. This is thanks as much to its convenience as to its flexibility and solidity.

Among the many advantages associated with this card is the possibility of making investments, requesting loans, as well as having an online account that can be controlled directly via smartphone.

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