5 tips for customer loyalty through email marketing


E-mail will be 50 years old this year – and although it has faced a lot of competition from other channels such as social media, despite its old age it is still one of the most widely used and most effective communication channels. Because the best thing about email marketing? We thus cover the entire customer lifecycle.

From e-commerce, but also from B2B marketing Newsletter indispensable. Because direct communication with interested parties and customers not only increases sales, but also promotes long-term loyalty to the company. With the right strategy and a professional email marketing tool, newsletters can be turned into true high-performance channels.

How can you address and retain your customers?

Maja Schneider from Sendinblue has five tips in store on how you can address and retain your customers over the entire life cycle.

The five phases of the customer life cycle. (Graphic: Sendinblue)

If a prospect has registered or bought something, he should be received directly with a welcome mailing. Incentive him with a small discount campaign or a lead magnet like a free e-book or checklist. Thank you for registering and find out what your customer is interested in, because this allows you to send better offers and individualized campaigns later. Tip: integrate additional tracking links to blog articles or products that provide information about the interest.

Now arouse buying interest through well-curated content that is tailored to your recipients. thanks E-Mail-Automatisierungen you can address contacts individually and personally and thus play out campaigns such as behavior-based product recommendations, competitions, theme worlds and the like for specific target groups. The better you know your target group and the more precisely you segment them, the more specifically you can address potential buyers.

After the first purchase, thank the customer and ask for feedback. This shows appreciation and interest and you ensure loyalty and trust from day one. Also present a bonus program and the advantages of participating in it, for example exclusive discount campaigns or events. This is how you turn new customers into existing customers in no time at all.

A bonus program is an important driver for ensuring that existing customers read your newsletters carefully. With the daily flood of run-of-the-mill mailings, direct contact is also essential in order to stand out from the competition and to build up a close customer relationship over the long term. General “Dear Customers” addresses? That was once. A personal address already in the subject line promotes the emotional connection and increases the opening and click rates in no time at all. Automated birthday or anniversary campaigns (including a discount coupon, for example) are the perfect way to show your customers that they are not just part of a mass mailing, but a very special contact on your list.

To reactivate inactive customers, you should first define for yourself what inactivity means. Just because a contact hasn’t bought anything in a long time doesn’t mean they’re not interested. Perhaps he has not received the right offers or he cannot find his way around the website or the shop? Once you’ve identified your inactive customers, start your reactivation campaign. Inquire about the reasons for the inactivity, offer orientation through help articles, for example, and incentivize them with a discount voucher.

Extra tip: data protection creates trust

There is no getting around it in email marketing: data protection. For example, a GDPR-compliant newsletter must always contain an unsubscribe link and the imprint. In addition, only send your e-mail to contacts who have really clearly agreed to receive it. A transparent handling of how data is collected and used creates a positive experience for interested parties and promotes trust in the seriousness of your company.

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