5 training courses to become a web designer

Discover our selection of training courses to learn how to master web design.

Our selection of training courses allow you to acquire web design techniques. © NicoElNino – stock.adobe.com

Webdesigner BAC + 2 with Formation31

At the end of this training, you will be able to produce all types of computer graphics and digital multimedia supports. Through the 3 modules offered, you will learn how to create complex graphics and photomontages, design the layout of websites taking into account ergonomic criteria, referencing and accessibility, and also to develop sequences of interactive animations.

Duration: 4 months
Type of teaching: Distance learning
Public admitted: Current employee, job seeker, company and student
Price: € 3,500, CPF eligible

Web designer – bac + 2 with Nextformation

You will be able to develop the graphic design of a digital communication tool, thanks to the use of graphic design software (Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign…). You will learn the design methodology, project management, as well as concepts such as wireframing, accessibility, ergonomics or responsive wedesign. The plus: you will carry out a graphic project and you will put your knowledge into practice during a 2-month internship in a company, which will allow you to boost your employability.

Duration: 8 months, including 2 months of internship
Type of teaching: In center
Public admitted: Employee in post and company
Price: Contact the organization, fundable CPF

Designer UI-UX with 26 ACADEMY

The objectives of this training: become operational to implement web design projects relating to the design of graphic user interfaces. You will learn the fundamentals of UX, to create and use personas, but also to collect and analyze user data. You will know how to prototype your creations and design a user journey. The techniques of UX design, the creation of scenarios and storyboards, or the conduct of tests are some of the themes addressed.

Duration: 27 hours
Type of teaching: Distance learning
Public admitted: Employee in post and company
Price: € 1,799, CPF eligible

Webdesigner (BTS / DUT level) – bac + 2 with Webitech

This training is intended for students with a general baccalaureate, a baccalaureate STD2A, a baccalaureate pro crafts and fine crafts option multimedia visual communication, a BTS design, or justifying a significant experience in this field. field. You will be able to create graphic charters and logos, layout websites and mobile applications, or even develop an animation for different distribution media. This program allows you to obtain Opquast® certification.

Duration: 1 year
Type of teaching: Work / study program • In a center
Public admitted: Student
Price: Contact the organization, fundable CPF

Web Design with OneClick Formation

This short course aims to teach you how to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy and create professional-level visuals. For example, you will know how to create a logo for your company, animate images, create a newsletter or even translate a strategy into a digital marketing action plan. This program requires basic knowledge on the use of computer interfaces and the Internet.

Duration: 2 weeks
Type of teaching: Distance learning
Public admitted: Current employee, job seeker and company
Price: € 750, eligible for CPF

These offers come from the MaFormation site (HelloWork group, BDM editor).

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