50 quotes to understand the science

A collection of thoughts expressed over the centuries by those who have made science their reason for living in order to understand the role that science has – or should have – in our society

To choose 50 quotes to tell the science it’s a bit like choosing 50 stars to tell an entire galaxy. In gallery top 50 that we propose here are women and men of all ages, with people who lived well before scientific method itself was defined and others contemporary and in full activity. There are mathematicians, astronomers, doctors, physicists, chemists and scientists of the most diverse specializations, but not only. The protagonists of this roundup are also characters who have dedicated their lives to something else – from music to theater, to entrepreneurship – and who have been able to summarize the crucial issues of the relationship between science and society.

Scrolling through the photos and reading the captions you will not only find quotes on the principles and knowledge of science, but also moral issues, ethical, future prospects e reflections on what the scientific method is, and above all on what it is not. From celebrities who have made the history of science (here you will find insights dedicated to Darwin e Einstein) ranges up to decidedly less known faces, with ample space for personalities from our country but also international protagonists, dai Nobel laureates ai astronauts, from research executives to disseminator and science journalists.

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