5G speed in Italy: Naples in first place

Ookla, a company best known for its Speedtest, has published the most recent data on the performance of 5G networks in Italy. In addition to the comparison with four neighboring countries (Switzerland, France, Austria and Slovenia), the maximum speeds of the four main operators and those recorded in ten cities are also shown. 5G performance: TIM and Naples in first place According to Ookla data recorded in the second quarter of 2021, Italy loses the comparison with the four neighboring countries. The first place in the top 5 relative to the average download speed is occupied by Switzerland (177.33 Mbps). Followed by France (169.16 Mbps), Slovenia (145.78 Mbps), Austria (143.98 Mbps) and then Italy (122.54 Mbps). Our country gains a position in the top 5 for average upload speeds: Switzerland (36.37 Mbps), Slovenia (25.42 Mbps), Austria (21.97 Mbps), Italy (16.43 Mbps) and France ( 15.95 Mbps) The telephone operator offering the best performance is TIM with average download and upload speeds of 282.94 Mbps and 24.50 Mbps, respectively. The other positions are occupied by Vodafone (178.73 and 16.51 Mbps), Iliad (131.43 and 11.62 Mbps) and WINDTRE (88.92 and 16.09 Mbps).5G Italy operatorsFinally, Ookla noted that the highest average download speed (223.98 Mbps) among the ten most populous cities in Italy is available in Naples. Turin occupies the second place, but the difference is considerable (175.88 Mbps). Palermo occupies the last place with 104.97 Mbps.

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