60 hours of music for less than 20 euros with these Bluetooth headphones

If you are looking for a couple of Bluetooth headphones to take on vacation, but you don’t want to spend a lot of money, we have a truly exceptional solution for you. It is about the Epofor BH451 that thanks to a coupon, the fastest will be able to buy at the incredible price of only 15,99 euro.

Epofor BH451 Bluetooth headphones: technical characteristics

First, it’s about headphones over ear and which therefore completely envelop the ear. It is also a model Closed, which provides good insulation from outside noise, and avoids disturbing those around us. The design is quite basic, with a good quality all-plastic construction, and the metal-reinforced headband, in an all black guise. Excellent possibility of close again headphones for easy transport by simply folding the earpads. Very comfortable i controls on the left pavilion that allow you to manage the tracks and the volume directly from the headphones without going through the smartphone or tablet. In fact, they exploit the connection Bluetooth 5.0 which guarantees greater signal stability, at greater distances than the previous standard.

However, functionality and autonomy are surprising. Starting from the latter, the headphones are able to deliver up to even 60 hours of continuous playback. Convenient direct access to voice assistants Apple Siri O Google Assistant, which can be activated with a single press of the central button. Of course this assumes the presence of a integrated microphone, especially useful for making calls in complete comfort. It is an essential pair of headphones, but which does not give up absolutely anything.

Thanks to a coupon that can be activated directly from the product page, on a limited quantity, it is possible to buy headphones on Amazon for only 15,99 euro. Considering the average price, even of low budget products, this is simply a bargain to be grasped.

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