730 pre-filled: changes and submission enabled

Since the early hours of today, many citizens have flocked to the message boards of social networks to complain about the impossibility of sending their own tax declaration through 730 pre-filled. In a short time, the hashtag # 730precompiled finished at the top of Twitter trends, driven by the multiplication of complaints and negative feedback. As written in a first article on these pages only a little patience was needed.

Amendments and pre-filled 730 submission: now you can

The confirmation came in the late afternoon directly from official profile del Fisco, with a post that reads You can now accept or modify and submit your declaration. In the video below, just shared by the official YouTube channel ofRevenue Agencya video tutorial which explains step by step how to carry out the procedure correctly.

To log in to the service, you can use the credentials of SPIDthe Electronic Identity Card or the National Service Card. Once logged in, you are asked to consult the summary sheet and, in case of missing data, you can proceed to insert them.

From the page Liquidation Prospectus you can know if you are in debt or On credit. Another section is dedicated to the realities to which to devolve 8×1000, 5×1000 e 2×1000. After sending, the shipment will be notified within the area Receiptsbut not before two or three days have passed.

In case of mistake, no need to panic. In the period between 6 and 20 June it will be possible to cancel the 730 already sent and repeat the operation making the necessary corrections.

Finally, remember that, starting this year, it is possible delegate a trusted person (guardian, parent, support administrator or other) to do so, by granting a power of attorney: the representative will be able to access it through his or her credentials. For more information, please visit the website infoprecompilata.agenziaentrate.gov.it.

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