A better webcam for the new upcoming MacBook Pros?

The revolution that is affecting the Mac catalog passing from the implementation of Apple Silicon chips will almost certainly be accompanied by other improvements on the hardware front. In this regard, a rumor appeared on Twitter over the weekend believed to be reliable and would like one webcam 1080p integrated into MacBook Pro 14 and 16 inch models expected to make their official debut by the end of the current year.

MacBook Pro 2021 with a new webcam: rumor

The same treatment could be reserved for the next incarnation of the MacBook Air. There should also be a display mini-LED, a feature already mentioned for a long time and several times by rumors. As always in these cases, since these are unconfirmed indiscretions (or denials), everything is to be taken at the moment with a grain of salt. The official presentation is scheduled for Q3 2021, presumably in September, with an event during which the bitten apple will also unveil the next generations of iPhone and Watch.

Among other novelties that Apple may have also put in the pipeline for its next MacBook Pro a greater number of ports dedicated to connectivity. In this way, the Cupertino group would meet a need expressed by many and for a long time, with users who often find themselves forced to purchase additional docks and hubs to meet their needs.

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