A comparison of popcorn machines: For that cinema feeling at home

You can prepare popcorn in a pot or a pan with a lid. It is important to set the right heat so that the corn kernels pop up one after the other, but do not burn. Because if the pot is too hot, this happens quickly.

If you regularly prepare popcorn at home, a popcorn machine can be worthwhile. Good, compact machines are already available for little money from around 20 euros.

Why a popcorn machine is worth it:

The advantages of a popcorn machine are obvious: in the microwave or in the pot, the sweet or salty snack quickly burns. That doesn’t usually happen with a vending machine. In addition, no cooking oil is used in popcorn machines, depending on the model. The popcorn is completely fat-free and low in calories – ideal for health-conscious people.

In the following table we present four different popcorn machines with very good ratings.

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