A country of saints, poets and coaches

Italy is a country of saints, poets and navigators. But if necessary we all manage very well in becoming impromptu Presidents of the Republic, Virologists, Ministers, Infectious Diseases. In recent weeks, while recognizing Mr. Mancini’s undisputed leadership, we have also become everyone again coaches.

Learn Football Online

But are we all really good at coaching, or are we just all good at judging? Those who have asked themselves this problem could take off some important curiosity with simple ones online courses that teach how to play, coach, think and understand football. Let’s be clear: if for you football are only 20 people running after a ball and two standing in the goal, then it is not the right theme for you. If, on the other hand, you are really interested in modules, building from below, pressing and offside, then you could increase your culture with a series of online courses that can offer you new interpretations with which to watch the next games.

A few examples:

Once you have passed these tests you will be able to experience yourself in thesis deposited in Coverciano, where all the best coaches in Italy have passed. Because even in football you don’t improvise and to get to the top you need to study, know, learn and apply. Even starting from Udemy, why not.

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