a free Masterclass to avoid the most common mistakes

You write it Customer Relationship Management, we read care and attention to the customer, enhancement of the same as the fulcrum of a complex process. Many, thinking of CRM, identify it with a software, a computer tool, but there is nothing more wrong. Indeed this type of automatic association is one of the grossest mistakes that can be made. But he is not the only one.

Here because F2 Innovation, and its experts, have decided to dedicate an exclusive and free Masterclass to Customer Relation Management, aiming to dispelling false myths that surround this real process, increasingly strategic for every company operating in the digital sector (and beyond).

In the 60 minutes of the Masterclass, Alessandro Cavallo, managing partner of F2 Innovation and university professor, assisted by Davide Campofredano e Carlo Bossi, respectively COO and Manager of F2 Innovation, will explain how to make the CRM process effective, optimizing it at best, without even resorting to the purchase of expensive (and often useless) software. These are the central themes of the Masterclass and its objectives, well summarized in 5 key points:

The Masterclass is aimed at several key figures within a company: entrepreneurs at the head of PMI, marketing or sales managers, professionals interested in setting up an effective CRM process that can give tangible benefits immediately.

The appointment with the Masterclass is for 4 December next at 4 pm, a free event but with a limited number to which you can only participate by requesting the Access pass from the registration page.

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