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Working on projects means knowing how to deploy the necessary resources, involve the right professionals and take full advantage of techniques and methodologies useful for the full achievement of objectives. All this is under the broad hat of the Project Management, a subtle management art that must combine the management of tools with the management of the human resources available, aligning every piece so that the company can run towards the achievement of its mission. If you are about to tackle a project path and your leadership role will have to field this type of skills, this “Complete course”Udemy (in Italian) must be your starting point.

In this course we will talk about the origins of project management, the characteristics of a project, the business benefits. We will analyze the professional figures involved in this process and the levels of maturity that touch different components of project management. We will also talk about the various areas of knowledge, in particular: time management, costs, quality, human resources, communication, risk management and integration management. We will also talk about techniques, approaches, methodologies and useful tools to manage the various areas of project management, we will see how to build a Gantt chart and a milestones diagram with excel and much more.

Project Management: where to start

9.5 hours of on-demand video and 1 downloadable resource, all with just 13.99 euros (83% discount compared to the initial price of 79.99 euros). But it is not the cost that counts in this case, nor the discount, but the opportunity to get on the right tracks thanks to the experience of EMOOC courses for the training of companies and professionals.

This course aims to introduce many aspects of project management, for those who want to approach it for the first time but also for those who already know it and want to deepen; we will start from the story and then continue with the basic notions to know, the professional figures involved, then passing through an in-depth analysis of the areas of knowledge and finally we will analyze techniques, methodologies and useful tools to know.

The theme is inevitably broad and complex. It also requires the personal ability to adapt these notions to the specificities of individual cases, calibrating the levers of action on the basis of available resources. But there is no project that can achieve results if not approached with method and competence, especially starting from those who have the duty to lead, coordinate and direct the team. Everything else is self-denial, inspiration, execution.

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