A video résumé of the new job?

The video platform Tiktok is expanding into job placement in the future. (Photo: nikkimeel / shutterstock)

The video platform Tiktok has started a pilot project that enables users to apply for jobs using a video résumé. Numerous companies are taking part in the pilot project.

Tiktok expands into job placement. Thanks to a pilot project, users from the USA can now apply for entry-level, associate and senior-level positions by adding the hashtag #TikTokResumes to videos that they upload to the platform.

Shopify and Target advertise jobs at Tiktok

The companies participating in the pilot, as well as the positions they offer, are on the Tiktok website for résumés listed. Among the participants are well-known brands such as Shopify, Target or the Detroit Pistons. Applicants have until July 31st to apply for the first jobs advertised on Tiktok.

According to Tiktok, the possibility of using the video platform as a channel for recruiting ensures a better user experience with the app. In addition, the step into job placement shows that Tiktok is about more than just viral dance videos go Numerous content creators are already using the platform to help other Tiktok users to build their careers. With the pilot project, the social media platform now offers a large number of its users the opportunity to develop professionally despite the uncertain job prospects as a result of the pandemic.

Due to the lack of transparency in data processing, the video platform has already been criticized several times. For example, Tiktok has over 18 months Android security mechanisms bypassedin order to record the MAC addresses of the users. Furthermore, the app should offer numerous gateways for hacker attacks.

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