Addresses, passwords and bank details affected

Spread Group has announced an IT security incident. Addresses, old passwords and bank details are affected.

Strangers could access Spread Group data gain. The Leipzig-based company also owns the Spreadshirt brand; customers can purchase T-shirts on the online platform, but also design them and create shops themselves. Third parties could have access to “address data, password hashes saved before 2014 and bank details or PayPal addresses”, announces the company.

Contract and address data of customers, partners, employees and external service providers are affected. “In addition, the payment data of a small number of customers who have paid by bank transfer at Spreadshirt, Spreadshop or Teamshirts or have received a reimbursement are compromised,” says the press release.

Change account and PayPal password

Users should change their account and possibly the PayPal password. The call to change the password for both services apparently irritated some users, in the Spreadshirt forum the company explains this as a precautionary measure: “There are certainly also partners who use the same e-mail for their PayPal account as for their Spreadshirt account and there are also partners who use the same passwords for both logins.”

All those affected have been informed, and the Spread Group has also involved investigative authorities. In addition, the company is working on the incident “together with external cyber security specialists”. Details on the causes of the security problem are not yet publicly known.

Author of the articles is Anna Biselli.

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