After washing: should I close the washing machine door or leave it open?

An open washing machine flap prevents the formation of bacteria

After the watch, you should leave the door open to prevent bacteria from building up in the washing machine.

Photo: Oliver Berg / dpa

If you remove the damp laundry after washing and then close the flap of the machine, bacteria can quickly form in the washing machine due to the warm and humid climate. When the machine door is closed, so-called biofilms quickly develop, which can promote the growth of germs and bacteria. Among other things, this creates unpleasant smells and mold.

If you leave the washing machine door and detergent drawer open as long as possible, or at least until they have dried, bacteria and unpleasant smells don’t stand a chance.

We will explain to you how you can wash your laundry properly in the future and avoid common mistakes in this post.

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