Airbnb could disappear from the App Store: commission queries

The health crisis of recent months has pushed many services to review their nature and their methods of supplying the offer, focusing almost entirely on a virtual form. A transformation that has also affected Airbnb e ClassPass, platforms that have recently begun to offer a series of courses and meetings organized remotely through their websites and applications: from cooking classes to fitness classes to perform exercises at home instead of in the gym. Second Apple 30% of the income generated in this way must end up in its coffers.

Apple and virtual experiences: the Airbnb and ClassPass cases

It will be one of the topics of discussion addressed tomorrow when Tim Cook, together with the number one from Google, Facebook and Amazon, will answer the questions posed by the US Congress on matters mainly of nature antitrust. Last year Spotify he had pointed the finger at the bitten apple for not too different reasons.

For its part, the Cupertino group defends its position by attributing it not to an issue linked to earnings, but to guarantee fairness towards those platforms and developers who for years have found themselves in the position of having to face the payment of the commissions respecting guidelines in force since 2010. Negotiations with Airbnb continue in order to find an agreement, while ClassPass has been granted until the end of the year to comply.

The latter interrupted the offer linked to virtual classrooms through its application available for iOS. In the case of Airbnb, as the New York Times reports today, a lack of handshake could lead to the exclusion of the application from the catalog App Store.

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