Alexa, how do Alexa skills develop?

The “skill” I’m apps designed for Alexa, in order to instruct the system to provide intelligent responses and deliver services. They can enrich the experience with the voice assistant and become real elements of utility for various contexts. With the ecosystem Alexa in continuous growth, developing skills can become something useful and profitable, on which to invest to build new ideas and new opportunities on Alexa. If you want to develop skills, however, you don’t have to ask Alexa how to do it: you have to ask Udemy.

Basic course for the development of skills for Alexa

The basic course for the development of skills for Alexa is available for only 44.99 euros and consists of 3 hours of video on-demand, 2 articles and 7 downloadable resources, placing 3 objectives behind everything:

  1. explain how to create and develop an Alexa skill from scratch
  2. explain how a skill develops in javascript
  3. instruct on using the Alexa Skill Kit

The course consists of 35 video pills for as many targeted lessons on individual aspects of skill programming:

This is a basic course and therefore no knowledge about skill development is required. Only basic knowledge of programming and javascript is required. It is very useful but not strictly required a device Amazon Echo experienced in its use.

How many times have you already asked Alexa? Now is the time to teach her the answers. That’s enough know how to do it.

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