Amazon admits mistakes: Why Prime Video users can breathe easy

The streaming provider Amazon Prime Video is said to have built in advertising clips while watching a film. Usually only short clips are played before and after the movie. Now individual users report at Twitter of commercials when they pause and resume or rewind the movie.

Golem“tried this for several days and actually found that on Android devices as well as Amazon’s own Fire tablets and Fire TV models, advertisements were often displayed when pausing and rewinding. On the iPhone, an Apple TV and on Android However, the clips were apparently not displayed on TV sets.

Amazon Prime Video: “Commercial clips while pausing a movie were a mistake”

Amazon Prime Video: Many users are currently complaining about commercials in the middle of the film.

Photo: Daniel Reinhardt / dpa

In the meantime, Amazon has got in touch and described the whole thing as an unintended error. It was not the plan to show the users advertisements during a film. However, the question now arises why it took over a week for the error to be detected. It would at least be conceivable that Amazon planned the campaign as a test run to see how users react to it. It could be that, due to the negative feedback, the commercial breaks are now being declared as errors.

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