Amazon App Store does not work with Android 12

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For many Android users, the Play Store is the main point of contact for apps, games and other digital content, but Google allows alternatives to its own offer. In addition to Samsung’s Galaxy Store and F-Droid, these also include Amazon’s App Store. This is reluctant to work as it should on smartphones with the latest Android 12.

Android 12: Amazon’s app store can be installed …

Like first Slashdot and Liliputing (via Android Authority) reported, the Amazon app store is broken on Android 12. Reports about the faulty alternative store even go back to the end of October: At that time, the first users were already complaining: inside the Support-Forum from Amazon that their apps installed from the app store no longer worked on their Android 12 devices.

As we were able to determine on an Android 12 device, the App Store can be installed and you can also log in with an Amazon account, but the store welcomes us with the note: “We are also happy about Android 12 Unfortunately, we are currently addressing a number of issues. Thank you for your patience while we make the App Store accessible again. “

Amazon's Appstore is not yet ready for Android 12

Amazon’s app store is not yet ready for Android 12. (Screenshot: t3n)

Furthermore, the homepage of the alternative store does not show any content, only placeholders in the form of black boxes for music, utilities, games and more. A tap on one of the boxes led to the respective category, but only the message “No apps found” appears.

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Amazon’s App Store under Android 12: Installation from “My Apps” possible

Our own test run showed that apps that are located in the “My Apps” tab can still be installed. We tried it with Amazon’s Prime Video app and Microsoft’s Outlook app. Both could be used without any further problems.

Aside from the missing apps, users report: inside who opened the store in front of the Update to Android 12 installed that they could no longer start apps installed before the installation after the update.

As can be seen in the support forum, Amazon knows the problems with its app store. However, the company does not name the causes, but there are indications that the errors could have something to do with digital rights management (DRM). Amazon is working on a solution, wrote a forum manager on November 14th. It is unclear when the app store will work with Android 12 without the hiccups.

Google makes it easier to use alternative app stores with Android 12

The fact that Amazon’s app store does not currently work with Android 12 is annoying, because Google had promised before the release that the To facilitate the use of alternative app stores. With the new Android version, alternative app stores can import updates for existing apps without further inquiries, as long as they were installed from the same source, it says. This makes it possible, for example, to install several updates at the same time, but also to update apps automatically in the background. The user has to activate the new installation behavior once. Furthermore, the app must address at least API 29 level, which corresponds to Android 10.

Amazons App-Store* is one of the largest alternative app providers for Android. However, it cannot be installed via Google’s Play Store, but only via Sideload as APK. The store is the official app contact point for Amazon’s Fire tablets and is available to users of Windows 11 to install Android apps available.

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