Amazon is rowing back: Fire TV feature will be reactivated after criticism

The Fire TV is at home in many living rooms. If you switch it on, films and series are served at the push of a button, which only a few seconds later flicker on the television. In 2020, Amazon completely overhauled the design of the user interface. But the new look not only attracted applause from users. On the contrary: many complained about the confusing arrangement. In addition, a rather popular feature that Amazon is now bringing back disappeared.

It used to be like this: if you switched on the Fire TV, you got the last viewed content displayed at the top in a line. If you look at a series, for example, you could start the next episode with a flick of the wrist. With the new interface, Amazon messed up a lot of things. The “last viewed” content disappeared from the first line and went into no man’s land. If you are looking for the most recently viewed series and films, you have to scroll for a long time. Instead, Amazon serves “Next Recommendations” at the top of the Fire TV interface Movie and series that should match your viewing habits.

Amazon Fire TV: “Last viewed” back to normal

Amazon Fire TV: Users can now find the “last viewed” line at the top of the interface again.


But that is about to change. Like the portal AFTVnews reports, the “last viewed” line returns and occupies the first row again. The recommendations for other films and series that you might like go one line below. This step should especially please series fans, who have to scroll less from now on. The update is currently reaching Fire TV users in the USA. It is not yet clear when Amazon will bring the function back in Germany.

The “last viewed” function that has disappeared was and is not the only one that is controversial among users. Amazon revised the user interface, but not the watchlist. It still cannot be filtered or categorized in playlists. All films and series that have ever been added to the watchlist will continue to be strung together almost endlessly. In conclusion, it can be said that the new Fire TV look looks fresh, but there are no significant improvements.

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