Amazon Prime Day 2021: the best offers on Apple products

All the most interesting discounts on iPhone 12 and 12 Mini, Apple Watch 6 and other gadgets of the bitten apple

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Many Apple products on offer among the promotions ofAmazon Prime Day 2021, with discounts also on recent products such as smartphones iPhone 12 e 12 Mini and also the smartwatch Apple Watch 6. We have selected the most interesting promotions, which will be available while stocks last.

Amazon Prime Day 2021 – the free iPhone

(Photo: Apple)

On the occasion ofAmazon Prime Day 2021 it is easier to find a Recent iPhone on offer, with the two standard models iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Mini in promotion with all the nuances and memory cuts. In summary:

iPhone 12 – the larger 256 gb version is the one with the most marked differences in price depending on the colors. The cheapest shade is the red one – (Product) Red – which is situated a 899 euro with 18% discount, while a 959 euro (-14%) there are the green, l’light blue and the White, a 999 euro (-12%) on black model until the recent purple (pictured above) which is the most expensive a 1029 euro (-9%). The lowest prices for the iPhone 12 with less memory are very close and once again red is the most low-cost choice: we start from 799 euro (-20%) for 128GB and from 769 euro (-18%) for the 64 GB one.

iPhone 12 Mini – prices all the same for the 64 gb version that starts from 679 euros (-18%) and for the 128 GB one which is placed at 719 euro (-19%), while with 256 gb memory the red color is again the most convenient with 859 euro (-15%) compared to 889 euro (-12%) of the other shades.

Refurbished iPhones – Amazon has also listed so-called models refurbished like the old iPhone 8 Plus from 256 gb refurbished on sale to 356 euros (-29%) or a iPhone 7 128 gb in promotion a 170 euro (-48%).

Amazon Prime Day 2021 – le offerte Apple Watch

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Numerous offers recently Apple Watch Series 6 (here our review) with the superior model with GPS with cellular module and 44 mm strap with stainless steel case in different colors in promotion a 749 euro (-20%). The aluminum version (Product) Red solo gps is cheaper a 399 euro (-15%) and with the one with a 40 mm strap in various colors a 369 euro (-16%).

For those who are satisfied with an older version there is Apple Watch 3 of 2017 which is proposed in the gps version with 42 and 38 mm aluminum strap respectively a 219 euro (-19%) e 179 euro (-25%).

Amazon Prime Day 2021 – other Apple products

apple magic keyboard
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Finally, theAmazon Prime Day 2021 also offers the capacitive pen Apple Pencil second generation on sale a 114,90 euro (-15%), the keyboard Apple Magic Keyboard in promotion at € 74.99 (-31%) and theApple Magic Mouse 2 a 59,99 euro (-29%).

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