Amazon seems intent on launching its own line of televisions

They could debut as early as October in the United States. The models would range from 55 to 75 inches and would be produced in partnership with TCL

(Photo: Tcl)

They should debut next October starting from United States i first Amazon branded televisions, which would come in different sizes 55 to 75 inches. The colossus ofecommerce seems ready to expand the catalog of its devices thanks to the collaboration with third-party manufacturers, such as the Chinese TCL.

The debut of Amazon branded televisions would be the natural evolution of a journey that began with connectable multimedia devices such as Fire Tv Stick o Fire Tv Cube and continued with collaborations with Toshiba models equipped with Fire TV interface, up to a first little known TV with logo Amazon Basics only released in India. According to what was told by the rumors of Insider, Amazon will basically start with a rebrand of externally produced TVs in the future develop design and functionality at home TV specifications. A risky move, given that it goes against already consolidated companies and with massive production lines, but which can count on Amazon’s great investment capacity.

What will Amazon TVs be like? The abundant diagonals of 55 to 75 inches demonstrate how one focuses on a non-multimedia experience entry level. It is likely that we will reach up to 4k resolution with the presence of HDR and that there is the presence of a good sound system as well as an inevitable full support for Alexa, the home voice assistant, for a more streamlined iteration with the TV and the services it offers. At the center of the interface would be the award-winning Prime Video catalog, but it goes without saying that Amazon TVs would also welcome all other services from Netflix a Disney+ like any other smart tv.

In short, there is a month to October and it will be discovered if this suggestive rumor will lead to something concrete. If confirmed, the debut on the overseas home market would then anticipate the spread globally at a later time.

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