Amazon with Slack and Dropbox to challenge Microsoft

Just in the days that mark therotation in the chair of CEO between Jeff Bezos and Andy Jassy, ​​there is a rumor that the e-commerce and del cloud has begun to look with serious interest at another area in which to extend its range of action: that of productivity applications. For this purpose, Amazon seems ready to sign partnerships with companies already active on this front.

Rebel Alliance: Amazon vs Microsoft for productivity

The indiscretion was reported on the Business Insider pages, where the initiative is labeled as Rebel Alliance with an explicit reference to the Star Wars universe. An alliance that would see the Seattle group join forces with those of Slack e Dropbox, with a common goal: to propose a valid alternative to Microsoft’s overwhelming power in this sector. Negotiations with other companies are not to be excluded.

The initiative should come to fruition with the launch of a bundle software tied closely to the cloud infrastructure of AWS as regards the management and synchronization of data and documents. A solution that brings together multiple providers, packaged to compete directly with what is the suite 365.

Everything is currently to be taken with a grain of salt, awaiting official confirmations or denials. The source of the indiscretion, which for obvious reasons has chosen to remain anonymous, refers to negotiations have been underway for over a year, interrupted and then resumed several times, but without any established plan or announcement at the gates.

Certainly the massive large-scale adoption of the smart working that we have witnessed over the past year and a half has brought about new needs within the professional context and Amazon, whose business is now extremely diversified, may intend not to miss another opportunity to reach and engulf new market share.

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