Amazon’s Alexa-based TV is on its way

Amazon is about to put its smart TV on the market. It will obviously be based on Alexa and, according to the rumors that announced its arrival, the debut would now be imminent. In all likelihood, the Christmas season will be the most propitious time and, if so, inevitably curiosities about the novelty could transform the idea into the great novelty of the year.

Will Amazon produce televisions?

Entering the TV market is certainly not easy for Amazon both by virtue of its position as dealer, both for the existing technical obstacles, but also for the narrow margins that the sector has accrued over years of continuous innovation. The debut could take place with a model developed in partnership with TCL (former television manufacturer of this type), but in the future it could be Amazon itself to imprint its brand on the body.

A bit’ Amazon Echo and a little’ Fire TV, in the body of a panel which is rated between 55 and 75 inches: this, ideally, is the profile of an Amazon TV. However, the debut should only take place in the US, so we will most likely not see this news in Europe before 2022. If it is true that Amazon has been working on this project for 2 years now, one wonders what other news it may have in store the group to monetize the project better than current producers are already able to do.

One thing is certain: if Amazon enters the sector, it will inevitably be a very cumbersome presence for the others: the smart and low cost logics that have so far carried out the group’s projects have proved successful, but in a sector dominated by the race towards the quality the balances could be more complex. In the past, the group has already made its debut in the world of televisions, but with limited commitment: only in India, following the AmazonBasics principles. An important precedent, however, which shows how the group was active and attentive on this front. The US jump could be decisive and the international springboard would later be within reach.

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