Android 12 will allow you to play even before the download of the app is complete

Android 12 wants to further accelerate access to mobile games by allowing play before the download is complete. This thanks to a new feature.

Application stores are legion today, and they all work almost the same way: they are catalogs referencing applications to download and then install on our machines. Simple and efficient operation. Android 12 could make it possible to go even faster, by allowing even before the download is complete of a game.

Android 12 wants to further accelerate access to mobile games

It has probably happened to you before. You absolutely want to play a game on your smartphone but you have to wait for the download to finish. Frustrating, isn’t it? With Android 12, that could be history. Indeed, Google will introduce a new feature called “play while downloading” which allows, as its name suggests, to play before the download is complete.

by allowing to play before the end of the download

This concept is not really new. Some PC games are already taking advantage of it, to the delight of players, moreover. To do this, it is “enough” to first download the files absolutely necessary for the game and to shift the ancillary files, which do not have priority.

This means that you can play before the full download of the app in question is complete. And when the latter is finished, you will already be totally immersed in the game, you won’t notice a thing. Google has already tried this in the past with its instant apps. The goal wasn’t exactly the same, but it serves the same end goal, which is to provide access to apps as quickly as possible.

This is a feature that should arrive with the next update of Android, Android 12. We will therefore have to wait another year or so, but one thing is certain, if the result is there, that could clearly change. our way of taking advantage of Google Play. And the most impatient will have even less to wait. Not bad is not it ?

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