Android and iOS HDMI cable, ONE FOR ALL (€ 12)

It doesn’t matter if you have one smartphone Android or iOS, with this ingenious cable you can connect the device without problems through theHDMI to TV, monitor and projector. Equipped with support for microUSB, USB C and even Lightning it is easy to always have the right solution, regardless of the type of device. Not only that, precisely because it is brilliant, there is always a USB A port that works for recharging! Already, while the terminal is connected to the TV, it will also charge.

All this grace of technology, today you bring it home to € 12 approx. From Amazon: check the coupon in pagina and complete the order before the promotion ends.

Smartphone: one HDMI cable to connect them all

It has certainly happened to you that you need to connect your device to the television for various reasons such as playing games, working, viewing photos and videos and more.

Here, I bet there was not always the right cable at the right time: maybe you had it as well, but it was the one “from the other phone” and it was not good. Worse still, maybe it even happened that someone came to your home or office and there was a need to connect their smartphone to the big screen: the same epilogue, the right cable was missing.

Here, the right cable is what it has all adapters and – fortunately – it exists. Very easy to use, it is fully compatible with both Android and iOS. In fact, I’ll tell you more: you don’t have to limit yourself to TV. There being the exit HDMI, you can connect it to any monitor, but also to the projector, if you have it.

In short, a cable and solve any transmission problems with what smartphone, without having to rely on wireless solutions that often, unfortunately, show more than some uncertainty. Your business from Amazon do it now: put this little gem in your cart, but before you do it check the coupon on the page to pay the lowest possible price. Shipments are fast and free, guaranteed by Prime services.

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