Anker PowerConf C300 Test | CHIP

With a price of around 130 euros, the Anker PowerConf C300 is not exactly one of the cheap webcams. This can be seen in their image quality. The camera is suitable for full HD recordings at a smooth 60 frames per second – more than sufficient for video conferences.

It offers automatic light correction, HDR, a responsive autofocus and a viewing angle of up to 115 degrees. The latter is automatically adapted to the motif – even several people fit into the picture here.

The PowerConf C300 cuts a good figure in the practical test both in daylight and in low light. The image is generally very low-noise and can convince with good detail and good colors. However, it is also visibly sharpened and softened, which results in a slightly unnatural smoothness – some noise would have been tolerable here. Nevertheless, the improvements, especially the good light correction, allow quite flexible use.

A bright window in the background presents many cameras with the problem of finding the right exposure. The PowerConf hits the right setting right away and the focus is also right. Face are very well lit and facial expressions are easy to recognize. In doing so, however, the background is overexposed and depicted as crisp, HDR is not particularly convincing here. Overall, it is still a good solution if the room does not offer better positions.

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