Another US competition lawsuit filed against Google

Google. (Photo: Shutterstock)

Google has to deal with another antitrust litigation in the United States. The accusation of the plaintiffs: Google is abusing its market power.

36 states and Washington DC Governorate filed one on Wednesday (local time) Lawsuit for violations of competition law in the business of apps for Android phones. That emerges from the complaint filed in a federal court in San Francisco. The company did not initially provide a statement.

“Once again we see Google taking advantage of its dominance to suppress competition in a prohibited way,” said New York Attorney General Letitia James. “We are filing this lawsuit to end Google’s illegal monopoly power and finally give millions of consumers and businesses a voice.” James leads the alliance of plaintiffs along with attorneys general from Utah, North Carolina, and Tennessee.

Is Google abusing its market power?

Specifically, the new procedure revolves around antitrust violations in business with apps for the so-called Play Store of Google’s Android smartphone operating system. The lawsuit accuses the Alphabet subsidiary of abusing its market power to impede competition. This leads to higher prices, less choice and a lack of innovation for users. It is also about the amount of fees that Google charges app developers.

It’s just one thing a number of US antitrust litigationthat were opened against Google in the past few months. In 2020, numerous states filed lawsuits alleging that the company had illegal monopoly positions in search engine and online advertising. Only last August a dispute broke out between the “Fortnite” developer Epic Games and the iPhone manufacturer Apple over app store fees. dpa

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