Apple Airport Time Capsule: Experts warn of total failure

Berlin experts warn of a design flaw in the hard drives of certain models of the Apple Airport Time Capsule. (Photo: Shutterstock)

A Berlin data recovery company is reporting more and more problems with some models of Apple Airport Time Capsules. The reason for the data loss is a design flaw in the built-in hard drive.

They are no longer officially sold, but are probably still used by some: the Apple Airport Time Capsules. Experts from the Berlin company “030 Datenrettung Berlin” warn now However, before that, certain copies of the WLAN router with network storage for automatic data backup could cause nasty surprises. In the Time Capsules, which were officially offered until 2018, are hard drives from technology provider Seagate installed. With these hard drives The Berlin team now keeps observing the same defect that occurs without outside interference: “A broken parking ramp and, as a result, a destroyed and deformed read / write unit as well as severe surface damage to the data disks”.

Apple users take note: deformation can lead to massive damage

The reason for the frequently occurring problem is probably a design error in the drives. The parking ramp, so the one part of hard disk, on which the heads are placed, consists of two different materials in the models concerned. That makes a defect in the “rather poorly ventilated According to the experts, time capsules are virtually unavoidable over time.

This so-called Ramp Weakness, which has been known for a long time, ultimately lead to the read and write units of the hard disk deforming the next time it is parked. If the Time Capsule is then put into operation again, the deformed units drag on the data disks and cause massive damage there.

Rescuing the stored information is then extremely time-consuming, and most of the time not all data can be completely restored.

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Apple Airport Time Capsule: These two devices caught the attention of experts

Specifically, two time capsule devices from the fifth generation, which were sold between 2014 and 2018, were affected by the corresponding damage pattern: the 2TB ME177Z / A capsule with the ST2000Dm001 hard disk and the 3TB ME182Z / A capsule with the hard disk model ST3000DM001. According to the Berlin company, anyone who still has a corresponding time capsule should take care of backing up their data and stop using the device.

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