Apple could integrate spatial audio into its virtual and augmented reality products

Apple is considering introducing spatial audio into its potential future virtual and / or augmented reality products.

Apple has high hopes for augmented reality, and the virtual reality to a lesser extent. To make the experience as immersive as possible, it is unthinkable to stop at video. The audio must also participate in the party. It could be that Apple integrates spatial audio to its VR and AR products.

Apple would consider introducing spatial audio

Virtual reality can give users the impression that they are truly immersed in the virtual world in front of them. But the visual is only part of the equation. To go further and give even more meaning to immersion, audio must play its part, and this is a track that the Cupertino company is exploring in a patent discovered by AppleInsider.

in its potential future virtual and / or augmented reality products

In the document in question, we learn that the Apple brand is considering integrating spatial audio into its potential future virtual and / or augmented reality products. According to the text, “for example, an SR system could detect an individual walking a few steps in front, and in response, adjust the graphics and audio presented to the individual in a manner similar to what happens in reality, when the image and sound change in a very real environment. ”

For those who don’t know, spatial audio creates the illusion that sound is coming from different directions. This means that, instead of having sound coming from the right or the left, the user could have the impression that the sound is coming from the front, the back or whatever, for even more realism.

And this makes perfect sense when such a system is used in a virtual reality environment insofar as, as said before, it will further help the immersion. However, this is only a patent. No one knows if Apple intends to make this a reality.

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