Apple patents a MacBook with dual and touch displays

Apple has recently presented the MacBook Air con chip M2 and the new 13-inch MacBook Pro (by the way, it is available for pre-order on Amazon), but we are already thinking about what could be the future and even more advanced moves of the company on the laptop front. In the course of the last few hours, in fact, a patent describing a MacBook with two screensone of which touchand with system of ricarica wirelessalso reverse.

Apple: a new patent for a MacBook with two screens

Going into more detail, the patent in question, filed in the US and granted on June 21, refers to an Apple laptop allegedly equipped with two displays, with the lower one having a touch screen and the ability to project the image of a keyboard. In the lower area, Apple may also include additional sensors such as accelerometer, fingerprint scanner and blood sugar and oxygen meters.

The touch screen should also implement a sort of 3D Touch, so the user should apply adequate force to register the pressure of a key on the virtual keyboard.

To all this would be added the presence of some areas in the lower part of the device, sensitive to touch and through which to draw and write freehand.

It should be noted that the patent speaks of displays based on practically all the most current technologies (LCD, LED and OLED) which for now have not yet arrived, at least not on MacBook.

As for wireless charging, it’s worth keeping in mind that it doesn’t work with metal shells, as they can cause interference and don’t let current through, so it remains to be seen how this could actually be developed.

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