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A contract Apple Watch helps with your resolutions. Because for many it is right at the top of the list: do more sport! In particular, when working from home, physical activities are somewhat forgotten. However, jogging and exercising until you drop every day is not the way to go. We therefore give you a few tips for correct and long-term training and reveal how an Apple Watch with a contract can help you with this.

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Be honest: how often do you play sports? If you are one of those who now answer “too little”, an Apple Watch with a contract could help. Because often not only the number of wrinkles increases with age, but also the weaker self. In addition, in times of the pandemic and home office, the commute for many is reduced to the distance between bedroom and living room.

However, sufficient exercise is essential. This not only melts the unpopular bacon rolls, but also stimulates the circulation and promotes a healthy condition. But it doesn’t have to be sweaty workouts that get the body going. We’ll tell you

Apple Watch with contract: This is how it works with intentional successes

The most important thing: keep moving. You should allow at least half an hour, or even better, a full hour of daily exercise. Ideally, you will achieve your step goal of at least 8,000 steps every day. With an Apple Watch on your wrist, the current status can be easily read. Thanks to the GPS sensor, you can even track the running route – ideal for jogging! But do you hang out in video calls all day? Then make the most of this time: especially in digital meetings where you don’t have to read a screen but just discuss topics, they are ideal for a walk. Simply put your headset up and down in front of the door!

However, it shouldn’t be a leisurely Sunday stroll. Literally take a step and try to walk a kilometer in 15 minutes or less. You can also use your Apple Watch for this and keep an eye on your speed. In addition, regular reminders can be activated to motivate you to get up briefly from the work chair and move around – ideally in connection with simple workouts and stretching exercises. Your back in particular will thank you.

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Apple Watch with contract: workouts and other sporting activities can be conveniently tracked and tracked.


Apple Watch with contract: sporty, but slow, please

If you also want to lose a few pounds, there is no avoiding exercise and a healthy diet. But take it easy. Excessive activity is not helping your body or your motivation. Start with light workouts and set personal goals every month – for example two kilos less or eight kilometers of running distance up to the third month.

To burn fat, your pulse should stay in the aerobic range, which is between 120 and 140 heartbeats per minute. As an untrained person, you should only keep a higher pulse, i.e. in the anaerobic range, for a few minutes anyway, so as not to cause circulatory collapse. So take a regular look at your Apple Watch, which monitors your heartbeat with its integrated heart rate monitor.

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Apple Watch with contract: improve eating habits with the smartwatch

Finally there is the subject of nutrition. Most of you have probably already heard of a balanced diet. But what does that mean in concrete terms? In short: don’t overeat anything. Not just bread, not just pasta, and of course not just sweets. But don’t do without anything. Simply eat less and replace bad habits with something else.

For example, if you’re a big fan of desserts, stick with it. Instead of something sweet, eat fruit and / or a yogurt. A small piece of chocolate goes perfectly with it. It is important to keep your calorie requirements low and try to stay below 1,500 or even 1,200 kilocalories per day. With the Apple Watch and suitable apps, you can conveniently enter your calorie intake and thus keep an overview.

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Apple Watch with a contract: The iPhone smartwatch is available in different colors, as well as cases and strap materials.


Apple Watch with contract: Pay for the smartwatch reference in small installments

In short, an Apple Watch proves to be the perfect companion with many practical functions that we are only touching on here. Unfortunately, the smartwatches are anything but cheap. The mobile operator o2 therefore has the right offer: The current Apple Watch is available in small installments at a new tariff. The cellular version is particularly recommended, as it allows you to make calls and reply to messages entirely without an iPhone. Depending on the desired design and budget, the Apple Watch is available in different versions. In addition, o2 packs the Free M tariff with Allnet-Flat, Eu-roaming and 5G as well as 20 GByte monthly data volume.

The Apple Watch offers at a glance:

  • Apple Watch Series 7 LTE 45 mm – Aluminium
  • Apple Watch Series 7 LTE 45 mm – Edelstahl
  • Apple Watch Series 7 Nike 45 mm – Aluminium
  • Apple Watch SE LTE Sport – Aluminium

Order the Apple Watch Series 7 from o2 now

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