Apple wins China’s privacy battle

Several Chinese companies, led by ByteDance, Baidu and Tencent, had started testing for a tool which allowed the tracking by apps and the display of personalized advertisements, even if users denied consent to tracking via IDFA (IDentifier For Advertising). As expected, the attempt failed miserably because Apple blocked the apps from publishing. Apple Blocked Chinese Tracking As of iOS 14.5, App Tracking Transparency (ATT) functionality is available, requiring developers to seek explicit consent for tracking for advertising purposes. Apple’s choice has been criticized by several advertisers, including those registered with the China Advertising Association (funded by the government). A group of companies then started the development of the CAID (Chinese Advertising ID), an alternative identifier to the official one (IDFA). Apple had two options: to allow the use of the tool (the Chinese market is very profitable) or to block it, doing probably anger the government. The Cupertino company has chosen the second option. Moreover, he had clearly communicated that these “tricks” are prohibited. Updated versions of apps with CAID have never been published on the App Store. Chinese users will therefore also be able to benefit from the ATT functionality (much appreciated by Margrethe Verstager) which protects their privacy majority of users deny consent to tracking, advertisers have decided to bet more on Android, given the rising prices of advertisements.

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