Apple would like to manufacture batteries for electric cars in the United States

Apple wants to manufacture batteries for electric cars in the United States, the umpteenth indication of the preparation of an Apple electric car.

Apple has greatly diversified its activities in recent years. The Cupertino company now offers a wide variety of products, ranging from desktop computers to headphones, including smartphones and other connected watches. And the apple brand still wants to expand its activities. With virtual and augmented realities on the one hand, and electric vehicles on the other. Besides, Apple would like manufacture batteries in the United States.

Apple wants to manufacture batteries for electric cars in the United States

The rumors have long been running about Apple’s desire to design its own electric car. And the central part of such a vehicle, besides the engine, remains the battery. The battery is an essential element, it is this which supplies all the energy to the car. If a DigiTimes report is to be believed, Apple plans to manufacture batteries in the USA.

Umpteenth clue to the preparation of an Apple electric car

The article in question claims that the Cupertino company originally intended to work with Chinese companies like CATL and BYD but one of the prerequisites of the apple brand was precisely that the batteries be made in the States. -United. In other words, impossible to work with either of these manufacturers. The report claims that Apple would instead work with Korean Foxconn or Advanced Lithium Electrochemistry, two big names in Asia that already have plans to set up in the United States.

Apple sources components and other parts from all over the world, yes, but the majority of the supply chain is located in China, including the production and assembly lines. The Cupertino company has already tried the adventure of manufacturing in the United States, in particular with the Mac Pro which is assembled in the country of Uncle Sam.

Right now, no one knows when this supposedly Apple electric car will debut. And the apple brand is careful not to mention the subject. That being said, the American giant has hired many profiles in recent years with knowledge in the industry. automobile. Clearly, something is being prepared in Apple laboratories …

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