approved a patent for a Metaverso theme park

December 28, 2021 Disney a “virtual world simulator in a real world place“. It is unclear when the company began working on this patent. However, we know that only in July 2020 he had filed the project with thePatent and Trademark Office of the United States of America. Basically, it is a work related to Metaverso, aimed at creating personalized interactive attractions for visitors to its theme parks. There are currently exactly 12 parks around the world, including the United States, Paris, Hong Kong and Tokyo.

Disney approaches the Metaverse

If we think about the Metaverso most of us imagine a reality or a world existing on the internet which is accessed by exploiting new technologies such as virtual reality through VR glasses and AR headsets. Actually the metaverse intended by Disney, for example, it is not the same metaverse intended by Samsung.

To see each other, Samsung has entered the Decentraland blockchain universe. It is one of the most important digital worlds for the number of active users and participation in the various realities proposed. But, as we said, only a virtual reality. DisneyInstead, he thought of a technology that brings the Metaverso In the real world, physicist. Here is what the company’s CEO, Bob Chapek said about it:

We will be able to connect the physical and digital worlds even more closely, allowing for boundless storytelling in our Disney Metaverse.

In essence, Disney would be ready – with the use of this patent – to merge the physical resources e digital In the Metaverso. Perhaps a one-of-a-kind experiment? Here’s how the company explained the project in the official document:

The present patent application describes simulators of virtual worlds and methods for use by such simulators which overcome the drawbacks and shortcomings of the conventional art. According to the present new and innovative concepts, one or more users can advantageously experience a virtual world which is simulated by conforming the virtual effects to the 3D geometry of a place in the real world from the point of view of each user. Furthermore, and as a significant improvement over the current state of the art, the virtual world simulation solution disclosed by this application can be advantageously used to provide users with realistic and highly engaging personalized 3D virtual experiences without requiring such users to wear a AR display device in augmented reality.

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