AR / VR headset coming in January 2023?

In the past few hours Tim Cook provided statements relating to the relationship between Apple and the augmented realityto which have given good hope about the launch of the much talked about visore AR/VR of the company and which apparently fueled the rumors spread later, under which the highly anticipated device could arrive in January 2023.

Apple: the AR / VR headset in January 2023

The analyst reported the good news Ming-Chi Kuowhich sees the viewer as a real one turning point for the industry, stating that although Apple has repeatedly reiterated its focus on augmented reality, such support could offer an excellent immersive experience. Furthermore, the launch of the viewer should go to further incentivize the demand for the sector ofentertainmentboth on the gaming and multimedia front.

Ming-Chi Kuo also believes that the viewer will be the product more complex than ever never made by Apple and that many of the suppliers already working for the company are involved in the supply chain.

It should also be taken into account that after the launch of the device, numerous rival companies will compete for imitate the product, leading the headset hardware industry to a next stage of rapid growth, all to the benefit of related services and the content ecosystem.

The analyst also reports that Apple’s overall position in the industry will bring several benefits to the company, including the opportunity to avoid joining the consortium. Metaverse Standards Forum born in June 2022.

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