Arcwave Ion and Lelo F1S V2, sex toys for male pleasure

Arcwave Ion vs Lelo F1S V2: between air pulses, sound waves, tactile stimulation and a constant wet effect, does the technology really satisfy us?

(Photo: Arcwave, Lelo)

We have tried, not only by hand, two of the most innovative gadgets for male sexual well-being: Arcwave Ion e Lelo F1S V2. Two custom-built cars of value, even economic, with a high technology content, which are inspired ai sex toy for clitoral orgasm. Both the console of Lelo, that it stroker by Arcwave, fuse a cylindrical design in soft silicone, which tactfully simulates the inside of the human body, with patented technologies that stimulate the penis with strokes of vibrations, sound waves e air pulses. However, to experience technological orgasms it is necessary get their hands dirty, literally: you need to use (a lot) of lubricant. The sensation is wet and is an unusual condition for the lone onanist, as well as a dogma that makes the act of technological autoeroticism more like: “Having sex with a sex toy”rather than masturbating manually.

(Photo: Arcwave)
(Photo: Arcwave)

Arcwave Ion

Looks like Kylo Ren’s weapon in Star Wars, but it’s only the hilt: you have to put the sword on. The body is composed of two parts, so as to simplify cleaning, while the drying takes place during the charging phase, in the discreet docking station. It won the Red dot design award 2021 and has a size suitable for anyone: the lowest edge is less than ten centimeters and the circular entrance hole is the diameter of a 2 euro coin. It is necessary to lubricate the interior in Clean Tech silicone and, unlike the other cylindrical masturbators, Ion has an open upper end, from which the glans protrudes. The location is designed for stimulate the frenulum through the patented Pleasure Air technology, at air pressure: from a central hole, powerful impulses come out that stimulate the area, where there are those many sensory receptors that are present in the very similar clitoris.

And indeed it promises to make males experience female orgasm. It fits comfortably, but you have to look for the keys a little blindly: two regulate the intensity of the impulses, while mute it is an aid in an emergency: the sex toy, in fact, gurgles loudly eat a geyser. The solution is called Smart Silence: in contact with the skin, it activates and switches off automatically. It can be used both standing still and moving the hand with the classic movement, but it is the air pressure that does the job: we have experienced the vibrations on the skin that, from tiny only in the point of contact, branch out with a pleasant tingling and, by increasing the intensity with the buttons, they expand to the powerful climax (especially the first few times). With a little practice in managing the sensation and impulses, then, it is possible to control the stimulation and reach the infamous tantric orgasms. The price? 189 euros.

Wired: The tray-like area for the glans, which is designed for slow and prolonged eruptions
Tired: The pleasure is focused and involves only one area of ​​the penis
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(Photo: Lelo)

Lelo F1S V2

The Swedish pleasure console was awarded at the erotic festival Xbiz Europa Awards 2021 and it is a stylish cylinder with two motors and four different stimulation modes, which are managed with the 3 buttons at the top. The ferrule a led it informs about: charge, stimulation mode, intensity level and there is also the rubber plug for the power cable: the F1S V2 can in fact be used in the shower, as it is 100% waterproof.

Inside there are a dozen sensors and many proprietary technologies, including the automated CruiseControl function that manages power, user recognition inside and SenSonic, with which the sex toy produces loud (and noisy) sound waves, which envelop and make the whole vibrate body of the penis. The task of transmitting the pulsating waves is done by the adherent sheath silicone, which it fits flexible and at the entrance it is thicker and has a width of two fingers.

After filling it with lubricant, it is inserted into it: some rubbery pads massage the penis and, in contact with the shaft, remind the internal area in the G-spot area. The sensations during use are surprising: 4 different menus of intense stimulations, a storm of sound waves and the manual accompaniment of the cylinder on the penis, produce a concert of vibrant sucks e wet puffs of air, which simulates real sex. Orgasm and internal ejaculation include contractions around the shaft of the penis, reminiscent of reaching the apex with a real partner.

F1S V2 by Lelo does not disassemble and has a glass shape: cleaning after use as busy as washing a dish. It connects to the smartphone and can also be managed with an open source app, to the development of which you can contribute. It costs 219 euros.

Wired: The lateral smoked window: when it is on, the LEDs illuminate the action inside
Tired: It does not come with a case to hide it from prying eyes
Vote: 9

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