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Kanban, Scrum, Lean Management: Are you ready for the modern world of work? Our quiz tells you within ten questions whether you are already familiar with New Work concepts or whether you could use a little tutoring.

New Work always accompanies the prejudice that it is primarily a buzzword with little informative value. However, this prejudice has less and less to do with reality. In fact, New Work is currently often used as a collective term for working methods, working time models, corporate culture and many other aspects that work and lead in times of digitization and automation. It is not always easy to be able to assign all the terms concretely and not lose sight of the actual meaning of New Work. You can now put your knowledge to the test in our quiz:

Even more new work and the most important answers

If you want to find out more about New Work topics, you’ve come to the right place at t3n. In the following you can also read the answers to the most important quiz questions and find out about Kanban, Scrum and Co. From here on, you should only read on when you have already played the quiz, because from here on it will be massive Spoilers!

The forefather of the New Work concept? This is, of course, Frithjof Bergmann. The philosopher died in May 2021. Two years earlier we created a large portrait of Bergmann in which he described his theses in detail and contrasted them with modern working reality. You can read the portrait here: New Work forefather Frithjof Bergmann: The old man and more.

New Work sometimes more, sometimes less directly asks the question of how we actually want to live and work today. The four-day week is a concept that is becoming increasingly popular. The largest study to date comes from Iceland and delivers promising results. Here you can read what five facts critics have to deal with now.

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Many modern companies – especially in software development – can no longer be imagined without Scrum. However, anyone who is confronted with the concept for the first time will almost certainly have a few questions.

In addition to Scrum and Kanban, design thinking is also playing an increasingly important role in agile companies. You can read how here Design thinking works. You can find out how Generation Y feels about the modern world of work and, above all, about home offices in our appropriate analysis. All other guides, news and tool tips for working from home are available on our Home office topic page.

If you still haven’t asked your thirst for knowledge, why not have a look at one of our others Quiz an.

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