Assassin’s Creed Unity cannot help rebuild Notre-Dame

Although the Ubisoft developers themselves had wisely put their hands on since the days following the disastrous one fire of the Notre-Dame cathedral in April 2019, there were many voices in favor of the use of the video game Assassin’s Creed Unity as a basis for the reconstruction of one of the symbols of Paris. Two and a half years after the unfortunate event, an emblematic final word seems to be falling on the even though suggestive hypothesis, that’s why.

The smoke still rose thick from the destroyed roof of Notre-Dame Cathedral when an intriguing idea was bouncing on social networks: why not take advantage of the excellent work of the video game developers Assassin’s Creed Unity to reconstruct the cathedral starting from the three-dimensional model that he had digitally recreated almost every detail of the monument? Ubisoft immediately committed to the cause, donating half a million euros and opening the title to a free download for a week through the Uplay platform. Furthermore, she had commented that she had not been involved by the French government, owner of the cathedral, but that she would eventually make herself available.


However, the reality was very different and the portal tells it well Polygon, underlining how the digital construction of the cathedral followed logics related to the gameplay of the game, for example adding cables and holds to allow the avatar to climb as well as open windows or, like told at The Verge by art director Mohamed Gambouz, the church roof itself has been made flatter and more linear than the more complex one in the initial design to allow for smoother parkour.

Even if at first glance the digital model might seem a faithful reproduction of the original one, in reality the differences are many as for example in the almost total leveling of the intricate sculptures of the various eardrums. Last, but not least, the speech relating to intellectual property: Notre-Dame is property of the French state and therefore all the sculptures, paintings and details of the rose windows have been changed to comply with the law. The organ is also a different version, like revealed to UbiBlog.

I know Assassin’s Creed Unity it is therefore no longer a source to be considered, one should not think that the reconstruction of Notre Dame will not draw heavily on technological solutions: here are all those that are and will be exploited for the reconstruction of the cathedral.

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