Aston École Informatique launches 3 new training courses specializing in IT professions

In order to meet the needs of companies facing the challenges of digital transformation, Aston École Informatique is launching 3 new courses to focus on IT professions.

Aston École Informatique offers 3 new master’s courses: cloudOps expert, new technology business developer and software architect. © Thitiphat /

The IT professions open up many possibilities. Aston Computer Science School offers several courses from bac to bac + 5 to orient yourself in this direction. On its campuses located in Paris and Lille, the school offers students, job seekers, retraining professionals and employees to specialize in IT or Software Engineering. The result: RNCP level 4 to level 7 titles. To meet the needs of companies, Aston is enriching its initial offer with 3 new professional training courses integrated into its master’s courses.

Sought-after IT profiles to support the digital transformation of companies

Today, technological developments are an integral part of the major strategic challenges for companies. The objective: to integrate new technologies into the various processes and the know-how of a professional structure in order to optimize its activity and productivity. For Sophie Langlais, director of Aston École Informatique, the demands of companies are clear: “Professions in fields such as cybersecurity, data or cloudOps, are emerging with the emergence of the digital transformation needs necessary for the proper functioning of companies”. These specialized profiles make it possible to meet the adaptation and performance requirements required by their digitalization initiatives.

So that its courses correspond to market expectations, the school analyzes the needs of organizations for expert profiles in IT. “This starts with our direct relations and our exchanges with companies, who share their research with us. Then, we benefit from feedback from our consultants and clients of the SQLI group. “ Their various feedback thus allows Aston École Informatique to update its training courses: “We carry out annual updates of the contents, which are optimized thanks to the feedbacks of our certified trainers, active in their specialty, and by our exchanges with our partner companies”.

Training to specialize in IT

The school has an accessible post-baccalaureate program, then two master’s courses in IT Engineering or Software Engineering. Beyond technical skills, these 2 sectors provide “Skills related to management, project management, communication, listening to customer needs and their support”, adds the director. How to choose your specialization in the last year of the master? Aston offers training as an expert in digital security for its IT engineering sector and as a project manager in digital transformation, accessible via the 2 courses.

Recently, the IT school of the SQLI group even added 3 new specializations to its catalog of bac + 5 training courses:

  • CloudOps expert, in the IT Engineering sector,
  • Software architect, in the field of software engineering,
  • Business developer new technologies, accessible in 5th year on file or following one of the 2 courses on the Lille campus.

CloudOps expert, to drive a company’s cloud strategy

A training course for those who want to know everything about a cloud architecture and acquire the skills necessary for its implementation, the deployment of private and public systems, or the implementation of a hybrid cloud solution. During the cloudOps expert course, students benefit from in-depth knowledge in securing and managing a cloud infrastructure, but also in the implementation of a continuous deployment platform within a remote online storage system.

Business developer of new technologies, to monitor strategic developments

If you want to have concrete skills to conduct sales and strategic negotiations, develop a competitive and technological watch, or even communicate and popularize an offer of innovative digital solutions, the course of Business developer new technologies is ideal. At the end of this master’s degree, learners are able to manage business development projects and have solid notions in analyzing business needs and carrying out market studies.

Software architect, to understand the development of a product

Do you want to understand and master the different elements of an information system, the way of interweaving them and their evolutions according to the available technologies? The software architect course teaches you to understand the needs of companies and allows you to acquire the technical skills necessary to analyze and model software architectures, to modernize and operate an existing system, but also to implement tests and integration. continues in devOps.

A pedagogy centered on the professionalization of learners

With Aston École Informatique, learners are supported by experts in their field. “Learning is fostered by passionate trainers, who pass on their knowledge and who also take on the role of coach with the students. They are monitored and benefit from the support of our teams throughout the training. We also provide them with digital tools based on new technologies ”, emphasizes Sophie Langlais. The work-study program is strongly encouraged and remains available for all courses. This choice of path promotes the integration and understanding of life and corporate culture for learners.

In the era of videoconferencing courses, Aston École Informatique also offers training in hybrid classes, a teaching process that aims to find a balance between face-to-face and distance learning. A project that the school wishes to perpetuate for the start of the September 2021 school year, within its campuses in Paris and Lille.

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