At Edeka: Big innovation at the checkout – that is now changing for customers

Edeka has announced an important innovation for its stores: instead of receiving a paper receipt, customers will in future also have the option of downloading the purchase receipt digitally onto their smartphone. For this purpose, a QR code is generated at the cash register, which can be scanned with the mobile phone from the cash register monitor, like the Hamburger Abendblatt reported.

The background: So far, at Edeka, as with other discounters and supermarkets, a receipt has always been automatically printed out, even if the customer doesn’t need it at all. According to information from the Abendblatt, an average of 31.3 rolls of receipt paper are used per day in the Edeka branches. With the new strategy, the supermarket also wants to do something for the environment and curb the high level of paper consumption – around 20 percent should be saved with the digital receipt.

Edeka and Co .: Receipt obligation forces markets to rethink

At Edeka, customers can also get their receipts digitally on their smartphones.

Photo: Benjamin Nolte / dpa-tmn

Since 2020, there has been a requirement for retailers of all kinds in Germany. This is highly controversial both in the markets and among customers, as it creates a lot of additional paper waste.

The reason for the introduction of the obligation, however, was to make tax evasion in the trade more difficult. However, this reasoning was not universally accepted. The managing director of the German Trade Association (HDE), Stefan Genth, said last year: “Tax evasion must be combated effectively – if only for reasons of fair competition. But the obligation to receive a receipt does not achieve the goal. […] Even the mandatory introduction of technical security devices in all cash registers ensures that nothing goes past the tax authorities. “

A few months ago, the Schwarz subsidiaries Lidl and Kaufland also announced an update to the receipts that should benefit the environment. What it was about we explain to you here.

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