Atari Gaming is preparing to evolve its catalog with premium games for consoles and PC

A new strategy for Atari Gaming has been approved by the board of directors of the French publisher.

To focus more on premium console and PC games, the division Atari Gaming will stop or sell five free-to-play games (RCT Story, Crystal Castles, Castles & Catapults, Ninja Golf, Atari Combat: Tank Fury), withdraw from Atari Casino’s activity in Africa and reduce its investments TV shows activity. Atari intends to rely on its catalog of 200 proprietary games to build a solid pipeline of paid games on all platforms, but also to strengthen the content offered on the Atari VCS.

Our intention, in all the gaming experiences we offer, is to provide intense moments of entertainment in games that are intuitive and accessible to all. This is the very essence of Atari and what ties our history to our future. To this end, we believe that premium gaming is more representative of this type of gaming experience and our DNA.“Said Wade J. Rosen, recently appointed CEO of Atari. “Despite this new focus on premium games, we remain committed to growing and developing our successful free-to-play games currently on the market. These changes will have an impact on our 2020-2021 results and will generate an impairment of five million euros for the fiscal year ended March 31. This reorientation will give Atari a unique opportunity to make the connection between the past and the future of video games, and I look forward to implementing these changes.

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